Prestashop Dropship Module Review Egrove Systems RIPOFF/SCAM

Attn: All Prestahop Users! Beware before you purchase any modules from Module Bazaar Egrove Systems. Here is our review....

We are posting this in order to make our negative experience with this company public.

This is our experience......

We are in need of a functional dropship module for Prestashop that provides dropship shipping quotes. We came across Egrove Systems after doing a google search, and we have purchased other modules before from other company's.
There is always some inherant risk when purchasing these 3rd party modules, but we have always received exceptional support. If the module doesn't perform we would expect either full support until it performs as expected or a return of our fee since any license would be revoked and prevent us from using it in production.
We reviewed Module Bazaar's positive reviews on their website which we now believe to be moderated and/or false because when we submitted a negative review it was not posted.

We didn't even get to use it on production (only test) and we wasted our money because they refused to issue any type of refund.
There were errors on the install to our test environment, which we had to provide our ftp and back office info for them to install it. Then there were errors on the setup and configuration, and every time we asked for help their level of support was "read the manual" which was in terrible english and full of errors. We read the manual several times and then their level of support was to use flat rate shipping which prestashop already does out of the box! They also lied to us on the functionality of the module before we bought it. We also hoped maybe we could pay more in order for them to get the stupid thing working right since we already had $250+/- invested, but they stopped responding to our requests. We ended up having to have a custom module written just for our situation. I understand the fine line for refunding modules like these since they can be copied and reused sometimes, but this module apparently needs a license to run, so they simply needed to revoke our licenses to prevent us from using it to issue a refund.

Per our experience, do not use module bazaar egrove systems. EGrove Systems Module Bazaar is terrible. Buyer Beware!